Till the World Ends (2022)


“Till The World Ends” is the story of two young men as they accidentally find themselves living together during the final 13 days before the world ends. Art, an attractive business student who lost his memories from an accident, wishes to go back to his hometown to recover his true identity. However, around the time of his accident, the government announces the impending end of the world and orders the evacuation of the population to bunkers, all the while mass chaos and panic is spreading. Art, in this time of disaster, relies on a new friend to help him navigate and prepare for the end. Golf is a medical student with a tumultuous family and relationship history, his brother having ended up imprisoned, leaving him completely alone. He has never felt truly loved, and wants nothing more than a chance at that “true love” before he dies. He chooses to join Art in his search for himself, partially motivated by his involvement in his accident. As the chaos spreads, the two find themselves being hunted by a pair of men who have made it their life mission to kill as many people as possible outside the bunker before their extinction. Through this, and the tribulations they go through, they forge a bond and are forced to navigate their confusing feelings towards each other with what little time they have left. Because they know they’re going to die in the end.

Also known as: Till the World Ends the Series


Status: Ongoing

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