Happy Enemy (2022)


From the moment they were born, Wu Pei Pei and Li Yu Xuan have been each other’s greatest rivals. Growing up as neighbors, the two were constantly compared to each other by their parents. Despite the rivalry between their fathers, Pei Pei and Yu Xuan still found a way to secretly become friends; until an unfortunate accident drives them apart. Now adults, Pei Pei and Yu Xuan have spent their entire lives next to each other but have yet to find a way to overcome the incident that drove them apart all those years ago. Still being constantly compared to each other by their fathers, Pei Pie and Yu Xuan have never once let go of the competitive spirit that has been driving them since childhood. Forever trying to outdo the other, their endless confrontations have served to spur each of them to greater heights; proving that no matter how reluctantly they are to admit it, they have each played an unexpected role in the other’s success. Having spent the majority of their lives fighting, Pei Pei and Yu Xuan seem destined to remain eternal rivals. But underneath all that bickering lies the fragments of a relationship that has the potential to bring them together forever. Can Pei Pei and Yu Xuan find a way to put aside their differences long enough to let love blossom, or will their lifelong rivalry keep them apart for good?

Also known as: Men Dang Hu Dui Ai Shang Ni 门当互怼爱上你


Status: Ongoing

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