Close To Love (2022)


Both Xu Yi and Gao Xiao Nan left their small town with misunderstandings and unanswered questions for each other. They reunite later in college. As a result, they made up with each other and resulted in a bond that spanned multiple years. Xu Yi and Gao Xiao Nan unraveled their old knots in their friendship, from friends to best friends, from young students to rookies in the working industry. They accompany each other and grow together. They are not lovers, they’re actually far from being lovers. However, the boundaries that they’ve made of not touching each other breaks due to an accident. Will the friendship between Xu Yi and Gao Xiao Nan change? Will they part away or stay together?

Director: Wang Zi Jun

Also known as: We Look Like Love Women De Yangzi Xiang Jile Aiqing 我們的樣子像極了愛情 Wo Men De Yang Zi Xiang Ji Le Ai Qing


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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