Chasing the Undercurrent (2022)


Chang Zheng, the vice captain of the criminal police brigade, is investigating a shooting case in a suburban villa and locks up the suspect Zhao Peng Xiang. The second child of the Zhao family, an inspector who didn’t want to be involved in the death of Zhao Pengcheng, then becomes a wanted criminal. With the help of a secret investigation team dispatched by the Ministry of Public Security to investigate the truth, Chang Zheng not only faces confrontation with his relatives and loved ones, but also discovers his real identity. In the end, he discards his affection and chooses justice, and cooperates with the secret investigation team of the Ministry of Public Security to arrest the criminal.

Also known as: Qian Liu Zhui Zong Fa Zui 罚醉 潜流追踪 罰罪 Punishment Undercurrent Tracking 潛流追蹤


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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Chasing the Undercurrent (2022) full episodes

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