Adoring (2019)


As a veterinarian, Vivienne knows exactly what to do when a pet is brought into her clinic. Using her skill and expertise, she can help better the lives of the pets she meets on a daily basis; but when it comes to the people who own them, things can get a little more complicated. For instance, Zha is a loyal golden retriever whose owner, Jiang Nan, struggles to find a way to help her best friend, Chen Yue Yun, after recently losing his sight. Having been best friends since childhood, Jiang Nan refuses to let him go through this difficult time alone but she struggles to find a way to help. Meanwhile, an abandoned kitten has recently been rescued by Luo Hua and his germ-fearing neighbor An Ying. While the cat seems to be in perfect health, the same can’t be said for the relationship between its rescuers. While perfect strangers struggle to find common ground, Qu Fei Fei struggles to understand her boyfriend, Li Xiang, whose devotion to his pet pig is putting a strain on their relationship. While Fei Fei attempts to accept Li Xiang’s beloved pet, her good friend Fang Xin is struggling to adjust to life as a newlywed, as her husband, Zhao Le’s rottweiler hasn’t exactly warmed up to its new mom. Meanwhile, divorced dad, Gao Ming dutifully looks after his daughter Meng Meng’s cat, while she’s living with her mother in America. And Ade, a hard-working delivery man who relies on a street savvy terrier to help him get his deliveries made on time, finds his work suddenly in jeopardy when the dog is picked up as a stray. Though life is complicated and sometimes messy, it’s the love and devotion of these pets that helps each of their owners find a way to live, love, and let go.

Also known as: Pet Chong Ai


Status: Ongoing

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